We are proud to present the new smartWeave® OPEN 2019-2020 rug collection and catalogue.

smartWeave® product series are created and manufactured in Narma rug factory and have the best features of the well-known and highly valued newWeave® rugs:
- Two-sided smartWeave® is a unique 2-in-1 rug, both sides of the rug look
   different but are equally usable.
- Due to the unique technical solution the smartWeave® rug has a stable
   structure and shape without any chemical or thermal processing.
- The unique result of the technological process controlled by the computers
   and robots is achieved by smartly weaving the weft and warp yarns.
- The surface of the rug contains natural cotton which is produced
   environmentally-friendly from 100% upcycled materials.

The main news and keywords of the 2019- 2020 smartWeave® product series:
- There are 10 new patterns in the collection in addition to the 16 previous
- As a new feature, the three designs (PÜHA, RIDALA, TSIRGU) have a similar
   pattern scheme on the other side instead of the stripes.
- Three existing favourite patterns (LIIVA, LUKE, MOKA) are now available
   also in new colourful versions.
- A new size 100x160 cm has been added.

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