Rugs have been woven in Lihula for decades. Starting from 1992 the rugs are being produced under the trademark of NARMA.
Gathered experiences and constant improvements have made us one of the leading companies in this field. By using unique technologies and selecting tasteful designs, we are creating northern style rug collections together with our competent staff and reliable cooperation partners.
Additionally we are producing a wide range of rugs from raw carpet rolls and have also high-quality natural sheepskins and cowhides in our assortment.
Starting from the early days of Narma most of the production is exported outside Estonia.

Narma two-sided smartWeave® rugs
Two-sided smartWeave® is a new improvement of the well-known and highly valued newWeave® rugs created and manufactured in Narma factory. The product series are divided into three different groups and qualities:
- smartWeave® 2.0 BASIC: pattern & stripe
- smartWeave® 3.0 TWIN: pattern & pattern
- smartWeave® 4.0 DUO: pattern & pattern

smartWeave® 4.0 DUO is the flagship of the product series – due to the additional layer of weft yarns, the rug is thicker and it is possible to weave a completely different pattern to both sides of the rug.
All smartWeave® 4.0 DUO rugs are designed according to the principle that both sides of the rug are different, yet complementing each other in style, colour and mood.

Due to the unique technical solution the smartWeave® rug has a stable structure and shape without any chemical or thermal processing.
The unique result of the technological process controlled by the computers and robots is achieved by a digital weaving process interlacing wefts and warps simultaneously in a very smart way only.
The surface of the rug contains natural cotton which is produced environmentally-friendly from 100% upcycled materials. We use weft yarns in various forms and structures – twisted, chenille and boucle yarn – and can thus create special pattern effects and surface structures.
The product family of smartWeave® is divided into different collections in various styles, colour palettes and weft materials. Each collection has its distinct character and the range of designs is being developed constantly. The technological possibilities of smartWeave® are practically unlimited – we are willing to work out unique and exclusive product series for each of our cooperation partners.

In 2011 Narma was appointed as a winner of the international Red Dot Design Award – another proof of the uniqueness of our patented technology!

Narma multiSpace® two-sided plastic rugs
Another product type of Narma is the classical Scandinavian style plastic rug, which is an essential floor covering in every home. 
These practical rugs are equally suitable for kitchens, saunas and verandas both in city apartments and country homes. 
multiSpace® plastic rugs are resistant to moist and direct sunlight and can be therefore used also outdoors to make balconies and terraces cosier.
Our modern colour and pattern combinations give a fresh look to traditional vinyl-plastic rug, therefore it fits well also to contemporary home interiors. In addition to traditional materials, we produce vinyl rugs also from trendy metallic-plastic.
It is easy to take care of the multiSpace® plastic rugs, because the weft material does not absorb dirt and moisture. The rug can be just easily and energy-efficiently washed at home.

In Rug We Trust!