1. Narma two-sided multiSpace® plastic rugs are suitable for home interiors and for other low traffic spaces.
  2. multiSpace® plastic rug is resistant to moist and sunlight and is therefore equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. multiSpace® plastic rugs can be also used in rooms with hydronic underfloor heating.


  1. multiSpace® plastic rugs are easy to clean.
  2. The weft material does not collect dirt neither absorbs moisture.
  3. Vacuum the rug regularly to remove dust and dirt.
  4. Shake the rug slightly to remove the dust and debris.
  5. Holding the rug from the edges during intensive shaking may damage the welded ends and corners.
  6. It is allowed to wash the rug either by hand or with a washing machine at 30°C.
  7. Do not tumble dry.
  8. Dry the rug in a warm, airy place.
  9. Stretch the damp rug after washing to modify its shape.
  10. Stretching the welded ends may damage them.
  11. After washing, wrinkles and creases will flatten shortly after the rug has been laid on the floor.


  1. Question: Is it allowed to use multiSpace® plastic rugs in saunas or on terraces?
    Answer: multiSpace® plastic rugs can be surely used in saunas, on balconies and terraces, because neither moisture, snow nor sun can damage the rug.
  2. Question: I bought the multiSpace® plastic rug and laid it on the floor, but the rug has clearly visible folding marks. Will they stay that way?
    Answer: Folding lines on new plastic rugs are quite common. Keep the rug on the floor and the lines will flatten out shortly. The process will be quicker in a warm environment.
  3. Question: May I wash my plastic rug with a pressure washer?
    Answer: Many customers consider using the pressure washer to be a quick and convenient way to clean a plastic rug. In order to avoid damaging the rug it is suggested to use lower pressure mode and to follow the safety instructions of the device.


  1. Size variations ± 2% may occur.
  2. Weft material is phtalate free vinyl plastic, warp is polyester.
  3. Dye lot variations may occur by product batches.
  4. The manufacturer reserves all rights to change and amend the technical specifications and features of the products in the process of product development without prior notice.