1. Anti-slip carpet underlay METRO is suitable for indoor spaces and for all rug types which do not have anti-slip treatment on the backside.
  2. Carpet stop can be used with all types of flooring, including those with hydronic underfloor heating.
  3. Carpet stop is easy to install – place the product on the clean and dry floor and lay the rug on top of it.
  4. To achieve the best results, make sure that backside of the rug was clean of dust.
  5. METRO carpet-stop can be easily cut down as required to achieve more suitable size.
  6. More than one smaller carpet stops-can be combined for larger rugs.
  7. Do not use on newly sealed, painted or oiled surfaces – carpet stop may stick to the floor as a result of the chemical reaction.
  8. Do not use on damp or soiled surfaces – carpet stop may stick to the floor.
  9. After washing the floors, make sure that the surface is completely dry before replacing the carpet stop and the rug.
  10. Check once a week whether the anti-slip has stuck to a floor.


  1. Carpet stop METRO is easy to clean.
  2. In order to maintain and restore the gripping power of the carpet stop, it is suggested to hand wash the product occasionally in water of 30 °C.
  3. After washing the product, make sure that it is completely dry before laying it back under the rug.
  4. Moist carpet stop and floor may stick together when drying.


  1. Question: Does the carpet stop have to be exactly in the same size as the rug?
    Answer: Carpet stop prevents the rugs from shifting, slipping and forming waves even if does not cover the whole area under the rug. Carpet stop should be slightly smaller in size than the rug itself so that it would not stick out from under the rug. As an alternative, several smaller pieces of carpet stop can be used.
  2. Question: I have installed carpet stop under my rug, but the rug is still shifting when pulled by hand.
    Answer: Carpet stop will become functional only after stepping on the rug. The efficiency of the product may vary by the flooring and rug types.


  1. Size variations ± 2% may occur.
  2. Material: polyester fabric with vinyl coating.
  3. Dye lot variations may occur by product batches.
  4. The manufacturer reserves all rights to change and amend the technical specifications and features of the products in the process of product development without prior notice.