1. Narma craft & WOOL handwoven woollen rugs are suitable for domestic use and other low-traffic indoor spaces.
  2. The main weft material is natural wool, natural viscose is used as well in weaving of the rug patterns.
  3. Both sides of the woven woollen rugs are equally usable.
  4. Rotate and turn the rug over occasionally, so that it will wear evenly.
  5. It is suggested to use carpet underlay METRO on slippery floors.
  6. The rug can be also used in rooms with hydronic underfloor heating.
  7. Direct strong sunlight may cause the woollen rug to fade.


  1. craft & WOOL rugs are easy to clean.
  2. Vacuum the rug regularly to remove dust and dirt.
  3. Always use plain, no-brush vacuum cleaner nozzle.
  4. Brushes or rotating turbo nozzles might wear off or damage the rug surface.
  5. Remove liquid stains with a paper towel, clean sponge or soft cloth as quickly as possible to prevent the liquids from soaking into the rug.
  6. Stains can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened in clean water or neutral soap solution.
  7. Professional cleaning service is recommended.
  8. The surface of the rug can be cleaned at home with a dry foam rug shampoo.
  9. Use only detergents which do not contain bleach.
  10. The rug should be stored only in a roll. Folding may lead to permanent creases.


  1. Question: Are craft & WOOL woollen rugs really handwoven?
    Answer: All rugs in this product line are pure handicraft. The rugs are made by masterful crafters in India, in Bhadohi area, which is worldwide known for their handwoven woollen rugs. The rugs are not produced in a factory, but in residential premises of local villages adjusted for this type of work. We confirm that each single craft & WOOL rug is a unique work of art.


  1. Size variations ± 5% may occur.
  2. Dye lot variations may occur by product batches.
  3. The manufacturer reserves all rights to change and amend the technical specifications and features of the products in the process of product development without prior notice.