1. High-quality natural sheepskin can be used as showy floor covering or as armchair and sofa cover.
  2. Sheepskin can be used all year round - wool fibres keep the body warm in winter and cool it in summer.
  3. After the sheepskin has been unpacked, it may need some time to flatten.
  4. Keep the sheepskin away from direct sunlight and heat. Natural white fur may turn yellowish, coloured fur may fade and also change its colour.


  1. Narma sheepskins are easy to clean.
  2. Regular brisk shaking will help to remove the dust and debris from the fur, restores the original fluffy appearance of the product and prevents the fur from becoming matted.
  3. Matting can be also prevented by brushing the fur with a sparse comb. Metal pet combs and brushes are suitable for this purpose.
  4. Small stains can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  5. In case of heavy soiling, professional cleaning service is recommended.


  1. Question: The fur of the purchased sheepskin has become matted and shaggy. How to restore the initial fluffy apperance of the sheepskin?
    Answer: It is common for wool fibres to become matterd during the active use. Due to the natural elasticity of the lamb wool, it is easy to restore the fluffiness by shaking and brushing. Heavily matted fur should be carefully brushed with a sparse pet brush.
  2. Question: How the sheepskins are produced?
    Answer: Sheep are not raised to produce sheepskins only - sheepskin is a residual product of raising both wool and meat sheep. These clean and long-lasting products are processed both chemically and mechanically in environmentally-friendly manner and in accordance with the REACH regulations.


  1. The sizes of natural skins are approximate and may vary by products.
  2. Each sheepskin is a unique product. Various cutting and brand marks, as well as stitches on the backside of the sheepskin are not defects but assert the genuineness of the hide.
  3. Sheepskins may vary by the lenght of the fur and colour.
  4. The manufacturer reserves all rights to change and amend the technical specifications and features of the products in the process of product development without prior notice.